Tuesday, November 10

Need Dental Braces Again, Adult Dental Braces This Time

Q: I had braces before but my teeth are becoming crooked again. Being 25 years old, I need adult braces at this time. I think the reason why this happened is because my back teeth, the wisdom teeth, are coming in full force. I have Plan Plus at this time, but I am not even sure it covers surgical extractions let alone braces. I really want to put braces on again. But first I want the extractions. What additional plan do you recommend for braces?

M. D., Peoria, IL

A: Dear M. D., isn't that something! I don't know many people who would joyfully to go through the braces process all over again. But you seem really serious. There are plans out there that will cover dental braces for adults. In fact, statistics show that in the USA, 25% of all dental braces are used by people 19 y/o or older. In other words, adults. Pick a plan that has no waiting periods, low or no deductibles, and that doesn't exclude adult braces. There are not that many such plans but I'll give you some pointers below. The plans will all cover wisdom teeth extractions as well in case you need additional coverage.

--Dental Cool

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