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Saturday, January 2

Get Cheap Dental Braces in Three Steps

If you are looking to get dental braces for yourself or your child then you will want to follow these three steps. They will guide you through the process of deciding the right time frame to get your braces, deciding on how to pay for them and what coverage you want, and, finally, selecting the dentist or orthodontist that will do the braces for you.

If you follow these three steps you will be able you to get cheap dental braces or at least braces at a much lower cost.

The first step is to select your time frame to get your braces. You need to ask yourself: "Am I ready to get the braces right now?" or "Can I wait for another year or two?". If you are thinking about getting dental braces because of a severe condition such as underbite or crowding, that can significantly impact your health, you may want to go for your braces right away.

If your main reason for getting braces is to have a better looking smile then perhaps you can wait a year. If you can wait, this could help with the second step, see below. Now that you have decided when you want to get your braces started, it's time to look into your insurance coverage.

Having coverage for your braces is the second factor that affects the final cost. There are two possibilities for your coverage. First, look into your existing coverage. This could either be an existing private insurance or a state-sponsored insurance such as Medicaid. Make sure you check with your documentation to find out what part, if any, of braces they will cover for you. Look into waiting periods for braces.

If you do not currently have 100% coverage for your braces, select a solid nationally recognized discount dental plan as a supplemental plan, or even as your main plan for braces. A plan like this will save you at least 15% on your braces, and possibly as much as 65%. Another great thing in conjunction with your time frame is that a discount plan has no waiting periods, so, yes, you can get cheaper braces right away. A discount plan can usually be combined with an existing insurance plan but not with a state-sponsored plan.

The third factor affecting your final cost of braces is your selection of a dentist. You would be surprised how much your final cost will depend on your choice of dentist. First off, you will want to make sure your dentist is in the network of the dental plan(s) that you have. There are very few dental insurances out there that will pay anything for braces done out of network. Notice that usually getting your braces fitted by a general dentist is significantly less expensive than getting your braces fitted by a specialist, an orthodontist. Visit with a general dentist trained to fit braces first.

Now that you know what are the three steps in getting dental braces cheaper, you will be able to go out there right away and save at least a thousand dollars, possibly more on your braces. Most people simply are not aware of these steps so they end up overpaying. So go through the steps of selecting your time frame, selecting your coverage for the braces, and selecting your dentist. You will be able to come out ahead financially, by at least a thousand, and possibly several thousand dollars.

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