Tuesday, November 10

Need Retainer For Teeth, Medicaid, Peachcare Taken Away

I'm trying to get affordable dental coverage. Medicaid or Peachcare was taken away from me when I turned 19 years old. I used to wear braces for my teeth for two and a half years. Recently, I have been wearing a retainer but the wire in my retainer broke. So I'm trying to get affordable dental insurance. In addition to ortho, I go to Cool Smiles for cleanings and regular checkups. I simply want coverage first before I even ask about the price of the retainer. My braces would have been many $1000's if I didn't have Peachcare. Can you help with the cost of retainer? In addition, I have no medical coverage at this time either for physicians and hospitals. I seldom go see a medical doctor. However, it doesn't feel great to have no medical insurance after medicaid was taken away.

D. M., Atlanta, GA

Dear D. M., I will give you several links below that could help you with your orthodontics, especially with your retainer. You are not the only person whose benefits have lately been taken away, one way or the other, either due to companies going out of business, or state and local governments running out of funds and trying to save money every way they can. However, there are private companies out there that will be able to help you save money on both your dental expenses, and potential medical expenses. So don't despair. Some of the plans are quite affordable as well if you know where to look and what to look for. Fortunately, you have found the right place. Enjoy your new personal benefits and let me know about the success of your orthodontics services and the money you saved!

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