Friday, December 11

Will Medicaid Pay For Braces? What Other Options Do I Have?

Q.: My sister has state-sponsored Delta. She was told by the dentist she needed braces. However, the state won't cover her braces. They said that my sister does not have enough "points" to qualify for Medicaid Pay for Braces.

So now we are looking at the cost of $4,800 for a new set of braces. She is well covered for everything else but braces. She has Keiser for her health insurance. If possible, I would like to be on the plan myself. I have no dental or medical coverage at all and I normally pay $100 or so just for a doctor's visit.

A. D., Victorville, California

A.: Things get complicated when you rely on the state government help for your dental and medical services. They are like an extra layer between your insurance, your dentist and yourself. And sometimes that layer prevents you from getting dental services that everyone agrees on that you need.

Fortunately, there are ways out. Be glad at least that your sister has coverage for most of her dental and medical needs. And, you can buy additional coverage regardless of state sponsored medicaid or medicare which will help you reduce the costs on services that state funded insurance leaves out. Let's focus on the dental services. What your sister needs is a supplemental dental plan that will cover her braces. Since everyone from her dentist to you, your mom, and your sister herself agrees that she needs the braces, I suppose you do not want to wait with putting them on much longer. The plan you want must have no waiting periods, and no exclusions or limitations on braces like Delta. There are several plans like that. They typically save 25%-50% on braces alone. Your best bet is to go with one of the well know brand name national plans that I am listing below. And, while you are signing your sister up for the plan, see to it that you sign yourself on the plan as well, this is usually just a few extra dollars with this type plans. Good luck and enjoy your savings.

--Dental Cool


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