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Surprise! Crown Work Quote $3500. How To Find an Affordable Dental Plan for Crown Work

Q: Hello Dental Cool, I am currently looking for an affordable dental plan. I need some extensive dental work done. I need some crown work on my two front teeth, and of course teeth cleanings and X-rays. The total quote on these services with my dentist was $3,500. I have been looking for a dental plan on the internet and found some. The information I found is overwhelming and confusing and the upfront premium payments are high. Can you suggest a good plan? I am not in any pain but my teeth are quite sensitive and I would like to see a dentist as soon as possible.

S. S., Riverside, CA

A: Dear S. S., you are making some great points there. The information one finds on the internet is indeed quite confusing. The biggest two issues with you are that you want to see a dentist soon and you have what most plans would consider a pre-existing condition.

Most insurance plans would impose long waiting periods for major dental work such as the crowns and would therefore not be helpful to you at this time. However, there are dental plans that can help you reduce your cost on preventative services and crown work immediately, as much as 50-80%. The downside of plans that have no waiting periods is that you will want to visit a dentist on their private network to receive the maximum benefit. Your dentist might not be on the plan. But then again, what do you like about the dentist that is charging you $3,500 for a couple of crowns?

Be sure to shop around and find a dentist that you really like and feel comfortable with.

Here is my recommendation for you: a plan that will save you up to 80% immediately. The plan is very popular in California and you will have plenty of great dentists to choose from. Please write back with the story about your experience.


Recommended Plan

Dental Plan: Save up to 80% Immediately on All Dental Services