Wednesday, December 30

Want To Add Dental Orthodontics Insurance for Grandsons

Q.: I am looking for additional dental orthodontics insurance for my dependents. Two grandsons. I'm looking at my dental expenses for them. They are mainly for orthodontic services.

Currently I have two dental insurances, GEHA and Tricare. Neither of them, however, covers orthodontics sufficiently. The most I will have covered is $1500. Compare this to the cost of $4500 to $5000 for the braces for my 11 years old grandson. He has a severe underbite and I am looking to get his braces soon. Other services I use with the grandsons are checkups, cleanings, crowns, frenectomy. My copays for these services range betwen $90 and $220. I'd like those to be lower. Overall I feel I am well covered for the basic dental through my other two insurances. What is really missing is a better orthodontic coverage.

B. T., Fayetteville, Georgia

A.:  That is quite amazing, isn't it. Even with two solid dental insurances, you seem to need to foot most of the bill for dental orthodontics yourself. You are not alone. Hardly any dental insurance these days covers much more than what you got covered for braces. Many insurances don't even cover braces. What you can do in your situation is to apply for a different dental plan. I suggest to apply for a discount dental plan which you can then combine with one or both of your insurances to lower your costs additionally. Of course, your job will be first to find a dentist that accepts all three coverages. That may or may not work. Regardless, I will include links to several plans which can help you save additional 25% on the grandson's braces or possibly even more. So your combined savings will be significant.

--Dental Cool


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