Tuesday, November 10

Need Dentures Relined, No Health Insurance From Work, Lost Denti-Cal

Q: I need affordable dental and medical coverage. I'm currently working part time because no one in the area is looking to hire a storage space manager full time these days. I have no medical or dental benefits from my job. My wife has medicaid or medi-cal but recently lost the dental part that is known as denti-cal. I desperatly need to see a dentist to get my dentures relined. I haven't done that for ten years. The dentist I recently saw suggested to do it annually! Indeed, my upper dentures feel loose and my gums are red and swollen. The relining of dentures would cost $400. I will need a two or three extractions also at the cost of $136-$250 per tooth, depending on whether these are easy or surgical extractions.

I am also looking for additional medical coverage. I do have VA (veteran administration) coverage. However, frankly, I don't like to go there because I'm having difficulty communicating with the staff. I feel their English could be better. And my coverage is not full. I lack hospital coverage. I play sports a lot so hospital coverage is a concern of mine as well. What if I break a leg? A friend of mine recently got into a hospital and his ambulance bill was $1200 and his hospital bill was $40000 for just a few days in the hospital! 

R. B., Visalia, CA

A: R.B., you got quite a story there. What you need is a dental plan for yourself that would have no waiting periods. I agree with you and your dentist that the extractions and religning of dentures can't wait much longer based on your condition. And I can see how you are limited for your medical coverage to one or two places, being with the VA. And if you don't like those places, where are you going to go? Choice is good. I'll suggest a few plans for your dental needs (include your wife as well). I'll also include a link to a supplemental medical plan so you can go to a medical doctor outside the VA and also use hospitals outside the VA. Enjoy your sports!

--Dental Cool

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