Wednesday, December 30

Ortho Plan: How To Save On Braces Instantly

Q.: I am getting braces early next month and I want to get an ortho plan. Braces are expensive.

I already had one consultation with an orthodontist and they quoted me $3850 for a set of braces. I have no dental coverage now so besides the orthodontic plan for braces, I would like also to cover regular checkups, cleanings, and the like. I'm not in pain now but I do have another appointment in two weeks from today. I am serious about getting braces now. I have health insurance through my work. The health insurance is real good. I'm satisfied with the coverage for doctors and hospitals. I'm hoping I can find some type of coverage for my braces.

A. R., Odessa, Texas

A.: Dear A. R., Yes, getting dental braces can be an expensive proposition without an ortho plan. I really see you are very serious about getting the braces. You wouldn't be going from a consultation to a consultation if that wasn't the case. You also seem serious about wanting to conserve your cash, that is, pay the lower price possible while still getting your braces done.

It turns out, it is possible even on a short notice, to find a suitable dental plan that includes ortho plan. These plans are called discount dental plans. The advantages of such plans are the ability to go see a dentist right away, get your braces started right away, and get your savings on the spot as well, at the time you sign the contract for the braces with the dentist. In your area of Western Texas you will see savings of 10%-20%, possibly to 60% on orthodontic services such as braces. The exact percentage savings depends on the zip code of the dentist you are visiting. Regardless, looking into such discount dental plan is definitely worth your time.  Hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars in your savings are at stake.

--Dental Cool

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