Tuesday, November 10

How To Get Dental Insurance for Braces. Current Insurance Does Not Cover Braces.

I have no insurance at the place where I work currently. I have no medical insurance to be exact. I do have dental insurance. I am paying $8/week or about $35 a month for my dental insurance. I'm okay with the dental insurance because it covers basic services and it paid for my root canal. The root canal would have cost me over a $1000 but I only paid $250 out of pocket. However,

now I decided I wanted to get dental braces for myself. I have been thinking about the braces for the longest time. However, financially, there was always something stopping me from getting braces. Last year my parents needed me to send them money to pay for their hospital costs, just as an example. I feel now is the time for me to take care of myself for a change. I decided this year when I get my tax return will be a great time to get started with my braces. I have been wanting them for the longest time. The funny thing is, my dental insurance covers just about anything but braces. So I am looking at about $5000 out of pocket without any additional coverage. Can you recommend maybe an additional dental plan that would cover braces

Z. K., Nashville, TN

Dear Z. K., I commend you for being a person with a big heart. You seem to be the kind of a person who is helping everyone else first and then helping yourself last. I am happy for you that it is finally your turn. What you need is a comprehensive dental plan that will have no restrictions on braces and orthodontistry. The restrictions are also called exclusions. You don't want that. You may even want to think about totally replacing the plan that you have now and is costing you $35/month. That is over $400/year! And since the tax season is coming soon, you don't want long waiting periods with your plan. I will list a few suggestions below for the plans that you can choose from. I can tell your teeth are the most important subject for you right now and you may feel young and invulnerable. Have you thought of getting medical coverage as well? What if some accident happens to you and you end up in an emergency room or in a hospital? And later become burdened with a large hospital bill. It will be much harder for you to help your parents and others if your financial situation worsens like that! So I will include links to the inexpensive plans that could rescue you financially if you ever need to see a medical doctor or if you end up in a hospital. Good luck!

--Dental Cool


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