Tuesday, November 10

Needing Lower Dentures Due to Radiation Therapy Damage to Teeth

Q: I had radiation therapy on my jaw six years ago. Because of that my jaw is degenerating. I'm getting abscesses around my lower jaw. I have recently got approval from SCAN to get all caps pulled. I will incur very little cost for that, about $10 copay on each tooth extraction. However, down the road I will need dentures on my lower jaw. Can you help with the cost of lower dentures? SCAN or Medicare will not pay for dentures.

A. K., Palm Springs, California

A: Dear A. K., yes I can help. A lot of people think that there are no dental plans that would cover dentures reasonably. Or they feel like if they are going to just get dentures it makes little sense to commit to a dental plan for a year or longer when all they feel they need is dentures. That may or may not be the case. See, sometimes dentures can be made relatively quickly, and sometimes they take longer to make, especially the ones that are of higher quality. Also, people's mouth changes over time and realignment of dentures, or relining is required. Sometimes as often as once a year! So I do recommend to get a dental plan, even if you have to stay on the plan for the whole year or longer. Get a plan with no waiting periods. It will save you money on your dentures right away and it may save you money in the future if you need relining or other services. I am including a few recommended links below.

--Dental Cool

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