Tuesday, October 20

Dental Implant Plan: Government Employee in California Seeking Supplemental Dental Insurance for Dental Implants. Has Basic Dental Insurance Now With a Low Annual Maximum

Q: I'm looking for a dental plan that would cover dental implants. I have state-sponsored Delta government dental insurance at the time. That plan is very basic, there is a lifetime maximum of $2,000 coverage on implants. However, cost of my teeth implants will be $4,000 each and I need two. I was looking for a supplemental dental insurance if there is such a thing that would help me pay specifically for my dental implants. Thanks.

F. K., Sacramento, CA

A: Well F. K., congratulations for even having a plan that covers implants. These days it is still difficult to find a reasonably priced dental insurance that even covers implants. However, as dental implants are becoming more and more common, more plans are starting to cover them. In your present situation, the best way to go would be to supplement your state-sponsored Delta with one of the supplemental discount dental plans. Many are featured by our sponsors even on this page. Most discount dental plans will save you 10-25% on implants and up to 60% on crowns that you may need on top of the implant.

However, your job is not finished with the purchase of an additional discount dental plan. As most plans offer percentage discount on implants, you would be well advised to continue to shop around among the dentists on the plan to find the dentist or specialist that best fits your needs concerning the cost and the type and quality of service that you require. With other words, make sure the dentist you pick is competent and that you feel good working with them.

--Dental Cool

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