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Abscessed Teeth. Need Dental Services Right Away Because of Several Abscessed Teeth. Tooth Extractions. Dentures. Prescription Drugs.

Q.: Hello, I am in a dire need of dental services right away. I have a severe abscessed tooth in my mouth. All in all I need several extractions. Several of my teeth are broken at the gumline, others are deteriorated. In fact, today, a number of my teeth are abscessing.

I feel the problems with my teeth stem from me being a truck driver transporting enormous amounts of sludge which is filled with bacteria. Many of my coworkers and other working in the industry turn out with the same kinds of problems. I have a dentist appointment next week and I'm looking at a $25-$180 fee for each extraction. Which I will need 12-20 of. I am also looking at $350-$500 for each denture afterwards. And, as for other health related services, I am spending $250 a month on my medications and have no medical or dental insurance. How can you help?

D. G., Port St. Lucie, FL

A.: Dear D. G., Not the most enviable situation you are in right now. Let's see. What you need is a good solid dental plan with good savings, no waiting periods, low or no deductibles, and especially high annual maximum. Since you are in a hurry, the plan I always recommend in an emergency is One Simple Card. The reason: You can get complete information there online and you can sign up online as well, and the dental portion of the plan is activated instantly. You can go see a dentist the very next day. There are no annual maximums with this plan and the savings are substantial, typically 40%-60% for the services you mentioned. Incidentally, you will find information on a few optional medical plans as well. They can help you with your prescription drug costs and your doctors visits costs. Best of luck to you.

--Dental Cool

Recommended Plan

One Simple Card Plan, save to 80% on dental services, to 50% or more on medical services