Wednesday, December 2

Supplemental Dental for a Military Employee Looking to Improve Smile

Q.: I just got a new job here in Georgia with the military. I just want a good smile. I want all my teeth to be in line. I want veneers or lumineers for my teeth. As many as they show in my smile, 20-22, I do not know. My teeth are stained now, and I feel better looking teeth would improve my life.

I will have dental and health insurance through the military that covers to 70% of dental services. However it only starts in 90 days. Even after three months it will not cover veneers at all. I have done research on the internet and veneers cost $700-$1000 each. I am also looking at a bill of $100 or more monthly on my antidepressant prescriptions. A prescription drug coverage would be useful as well.

J. T., Hinesville, GA

A.: Dear J.T. Congratulations on getting a new job! With some money in your bank account it is a good time to start looking into improving your appearance! You have found for yourself that typical dental insurances do not cover veneers or lumineers. They classify these as cosmetic dental services and exclude them from coverage. As you have experienced, these insurances have waiting periods and you will possibly run into annual limits as well if you use your plan substantially. Because of that I'll give you pointers to a few dental plans that look quite different, they include cosmetic dentistry like veneers and lumineers, they do not have significant waiting periods, and some have no annual limits. So you can get a few or all of your veneers this year or next year. Some of these plans include prescription drugs as well so you can save in the pharmacy as well. Since you are still looking at a significant out-of-pocket cost even with a dental plan, I will include links to Care Credit with which you will, based on your credit rating, be able to finance the reduced price of your veneers.

--Dental Cool


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