Tuesday, October 6

New Dental Braces: What Can You Expect?

What can you expect the first few days of wearing new dental braces?

The idea of wearing dental braces can be daunting. It is a foreign object in your mouth, pressing hard on your teeth! Ask your dentist or orthodontist exactly what you can expect in the first few days and weeks while your braces are still new.

With new braces you might feel discomfort in your mouth, teeth and gums. You could have trouble talking clearly for a day or two. Then your tongue will adjust and you'll be able to talk fine. Sometimes you may experience aching teeth and even a dull headache. Your braces can be irritating while eating. Your mouth may become sore. For that you can rinse your mouth with warm, salt water for the first week or so. For pain, dentists usually recommend over-the-counter pain medication. You will be able to get help from your dental office if the irritation persists. They may suggest getting a braces guard kit or lip protectors.

Plus, there will be thoughts going through your mind. I'm sure everybody will notice my new braces right away! What will my schoolmates, coworkers, clients say? Am I going to be embarrassed? Will I blush? Will wearing braces make me feel uncomfortable? Will I smile and laugh uninhibited? Will I be able to play sports? Will I be able to play musical instruments like trumpet?

Although new braces can take some time to adopt to, there is no reason to miss your normal daily activities just because of the orthodontic procedure.

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