Tuesday, November 10

Dental Insurance for Braces: Does It Make Sense to Drive 40 Miles to Save $2000?

Q: The reason why I want braces is because it just makes it easier to keep my teeth clean. I am 35 years old, not a teenager and this is not peer pressure or vanity! I have seen that some plans on the internet will offer 25% discount for my braces. However I will have to drive 40 miles to get to the dentist! I would pay more just for the gas! A dentist here in Carmel has given me a quote of $6200 for my braces. I don't think driving 40 miles makes any sense for me. What else can I do?

C. X., Carmel, California

A: Dear C. X., You are making a great point as far as the costs. As much as I know Carmel is a very pretty and expensive coastal city. It makes sense that braces cost more there than elsewhere. Now as far as your question, you'll have to do the consideration on your own. Do you always stay in Carmel? Do you ever drive to a bigger city like San Jose or Monterey? Even with just 25% savings you are looking at well over $1500 in savings. Because of what I said above, the savings will probably be more like $2000! Now consider that you would have to drive back and forth once a month for your braces adjustments. Or consider that maybe you wouldn't have to drive that many times because there are types of braces that require less time to wear for the same effect. So there are several variables. In your situation, I would consider all options before I would discard a $2000 in savings! Yes, Consider the price of gas, but also consider how many times you drive out of town anyways for unrelated reasons.  Have fun with your math!

--Dental Cool

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