Tuesday, October 6

Dental Braces: Ceramic or Stainless Steel?

Ceramic braces are a kind of a more cosmetically pleasing way of offering dental braces. They are usually teeth-colored but they can also be clear ceramic. The ceramic braces procedure is slightly more costly than the stainless steel braces procedure but not as expensive as invisalign. Ceramic braces are especially popular with adult wearers.

Besides the less-visible appearance, the advantage of ceramic braces is that they do not stain unlike the plastic or composite brackets. So coffee, cigarette, red wine, or other stains are not an issue. Ceramic brackets do not usually break or come off your teeth. They are very strong and after being bound with a plasma light, stay on as well as metal braces.

The disadvantages of ceramic braces versus stainless steel braces are: Ceramic brackets are are usually more expensive than traditional metal brackets, so ceramic braces cost more. Orthodontic treatment can take a few months longer with ceramic braces. From an aesthetic point of view, they are a bit larger than metal braces.

Have you thought of getting braces but are conscious about braces appearance? Then maybe ceramic braces are the right fit for you. Definitely ask for an opinion of an orthodontist.

To reduce your cost, consider picking one of the dental discount plans that cover ceramic braces so your out-of-pocket expense will be more manageable. Also be sure to look into taking advantage of a payment plan such as the one through Care Credit.

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