Tuesday, November 10

Cosmetic Dental Insurance

Q: I would really like a plan that covers cosmetic dentistry like root canals, crowns, bridges, possibly dental implants. I have seen several plans online that do NOT cover cosmetic dentistry. I have no dental coverage now and the root canal alone would cost me $800 out of pocket. I don't even want to ask about the prices of crowns and bridge work, I never even checked about that. I would like a plan with a good selection of dentists in my area and good savings.

N. E., Conway, SC

A: You are absolutely correct N. E. in that very few dental plans these days even cover cosmetic dentistry. That is why you did well to check into small print provided with the dental plan information. Especally look for exclusions, and waiting periods. And the fact is that the plan issuer decides what is considered cosmetic and therefore not covered. Not you. So to save yourself time and money, go with a plan that has no exclusions whatsoever. That way you know that if there is a dental procedure you want, it will be covered regardless. It will be just between you and your dentist or specialist. You will decide what procedures you will have done and what procedures you won't. Plus, you are making a good point about the selection of dentists. When you work with several dentists, you can easily get second opinions and act based on more information. Best of luck to you!

--Dental Cool

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