Thursday, December 3

Need Teeth Work. No Dental Insurance. Four Teeth Implants.

Q.:I need teeth work done. Got no insurance now whatsoever. I need two teeth in the back pulled, on each side, total of four. I need these four teeth replaced, again with two teeth implants on each side. These would be four implants on top. My bottom teeth seem fine, none of them are deteriorating.

I have toothaches on and off. Haven't seen a dentist yet but I know they charge at least $50-$100 for an exam, $50-$60 for X-rays, not including cleanings. The extractions would be $150 or more each and I have seen implants advertised at $825 each. I may need general coverage for root canals sometime later but not now. I also have no health insurance at this time. I would have seen the dentist already if it wasn't for the costs involved. What do you suggest?

G. N., Palm Springs, California

A.: G. N., at this time, no dental insurance will help you much. The problem is you are in pain, you need your services right away. Any insurance worth their salt would not insure you because they would lose money if they paid for any major services like root canals or dental implants right away. So you could get started with an insurance plan but it won't help because insurance plans will have long waiting periods and exclusion clauses for major dental work. Most insurances do not cover dental implant work for example.

Not all is lost though. What you can do is sign up for one of the nationwide discount dental plans. As opposed to insurance plans, you can go see a dentist right away, get your services, even the major ones, and get instant savings on all these services. The restriction is that you need to see a participating dentist in order to receive the savings. I will list some of the largest plans of this kind for you. So just pick one that has dentists and specialists in / around your zip code, sign up for the plan and start scheduling your office visit. The selection of dentists should not be a problem in Southern California at all. Good luck!

--Dental Cool


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