Thursday, December 3

Tooth Hurts, See a Dentist ASAP

Q.: My tooth hurts. That is the main reason I'm calling. Yes, I do want to save on dental cleanings costs, examinations, X-rays and the whole nine yards for my children and a husband. But recently, one of my fillings came out and that tooth is hurting. I probably need other fillings filled as well, but I need to go see a dentist asap.

N. B., Las Vegas, Nevada

: Sorry to hear about your pain. What you need is a plan with no waiting periods. Some dental insurance plans will give you free cleanings but when it comes to restorative work like fillings or root canals and crowns, they will slap you with long waiting periods. Such as one year or even longer. You do not want that. You want a plan that has good, large network of dentists in your area (Las Vegas), no waiting periods, and can get you to a dentist right away. I mean even before you get your cards and the package in the mail. Just in case. Being in pain is no fun.

--Dental Cool


Dental plans with no waiting periods, no deductibles, and no annual maximums.