Saturday, November 21

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Dental Plan Wanted, Plus Crowns, Plus a Vision Plan

Q.: I only have Peach Care right now for my dental coverage. It only covers cleanings twice a year. It does give me some discount on fillings as well. I'm looking for a supplemental plan. I need a few, 2-3 crowns and a few more fillings at this time. I was quoted $650 for a single crown and $85-$135 each for my fillings. I would also like to have my teeth whitened which is normally $200-$300 out of pocket.

I would want a plan activated ASAP because I am missing a front tooth. I could use a vision plan for my glasses as well. Can you suggest a plan that would help me with the cost of these services, mainly cosmetic teeth whitening, crowns and vision?

J. E., Athens, Georgia

A.: J.E., We do not get many requests for a plan that would cover Cosmetic Work such as Cosmetic Teeth Whitening. As if people gave up on getting savings to get their teeth in top shape! Indeed, for instance, virtually every time, dental insurances consider teeth bleaching a cosmetic procedure. That is to say they wouldn't cover it at all.

To get savings on all services you mentioned you will need to upgrade to a plan that has no restrictions on services, such as cosmetic services restrictions. You don't want low annual maximums with your plan either because you need quite a bit of dental work done. And because of your front tooth, you want no waiting periods. Dentalservice4less is the plan that best fits these requirements and I will include a link below. Incidentally, all the plans that they offer are very inexpensive and include vision plan at no extra cost. Take a look at the plans available and enjoy your new teeth and the savings!

--Dental Cool