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California Medicaid Dental "Denti Cal" Eliminated for Adults - What Are the Solutions?

What can Californians who just lost their Denti Cal benefits do?

On July 1, 2009, by executive decree of Governor Schwarzenegger, the Denti Cal portion of California Medicaid Dental Coverage for adults has been cut. The Denti Cal coverage remains in effect for children and teenagers under 19 years old.

Californians do understand the fiscal pressures in the Government. However, still, the abrupt change in financing has affected many individuals and organizations. Numerous clinics that offered dental services have lost significant portion of their income and had to let their dentists go. Dental schools who received payments in return for services are scaling back and finding other sources of income. Even some private dental offices are feeling the pinch due to lack of dental financing from the government of California.

The cut back is a grave event. It is however neither new nor is it unexpected. Several other states such as Michigan, Texas, Florida, Utah, and others, have previously or simultaneously scaled back or cut their funding for adult dentistry through Medicaid.

What options remain to Californians? Californians have always been innovative and resourceful. The Denti Cal recipients are now looking outside Medicaid for immediate dental coverage.

For Medicaid recipients who live close to a major dental school, a visit there could solve their immediate dental problem. Usually, the first visit is free or low cost and determines whether the patient is suitable for treatment at the school. Not all dental problems are suitable or accepted for treatment at dental schools.

Many past Medicaid Dental recipients will visit a private dentist. A great, easy to read resource describing coverage for private dentist offices is Some of the dental plans laid out on this resource for dental coverage in California are very inexpensive and will fit the budget of California Medicaid recipients.

Finally, some people will wait with their dental appointment as long as they can. They will seek the dentist appointment or emergency room visit when the dental pain becomes too annoying or downright unbearable. We recommend not to wait that long before seeking help or coverage. The mouth and the teeth are an integral part of the human body and untreated teeth condition can affect the entire body.

Are you in pain and have no dental coverage at this time? Do find out what plans are available to you in California and protect yourself. Protect yourself against the toothaches, and protect yourself financially with a reasonable and affordable coverage today.

Why wait?

--Dental Cool

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