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Relapse in TMJ Symptoms: Joint Pain, Clicking and Jaw Popping. Getting Dental Braces Again, Price Shopping.

Q.: I have a dental insurance for braces now, Comp Benefits. It is only saving me 25% on the braces I need. I used to have braces three years ago because of my TMJ symptoms. Symptoms like jaw joint pain, jaw clicking, and jaw popping.

I feel a slight relapse now. My teeth have shifted. I want to make sure that I get another set of dental braces soon. I do not want to get these annoying TMJ symptoms again. The price of my first braces was $4600. How can I save the most money on my next pair of braces?

J. N., Mt. Juliet, TN

A.: J. N., First off, great to see braces was the right TMJ treatment for you. There is a lot of confusion and misinformation about TMJ treatments on the internet. It is great to see your TMJ treatment through dental braces worked! Wonderful.

On to the financing of braces. It seems to me your teeth are not severely out of alignment. Your treatment may not be difficult or as long as the last one. That will save you some money right off the bat.

Second, usually going to a general dentist that is licensed to do braces will cost you quite a bit less than going directly to an orthodontist. Sometimes a general dentist will not be able to fit your braces so you will end up going to an ortho but in your case it is definitely worth a try. Visit a general dentist first.

I'll include a list of links with the information about several plans in your area. Choosing the right dentist and the right plan will help you be a better shopper and save you significant amount of money.

--Dental Cool

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