Friday, December 11

Invisaline Braces Cost For Grown-Ups

Q.:I'm looking for the best plan for my invisaline braces. I have no dental insurance now. The check ups alone cost me a couple of $100, the whitenings I need are $100 and the cleanings are extra.

I am not sure what invisaline braces cost but it is in the thousands, maybe a couple thousand dollars. That is really all the services I need, I'm well covered for doctors visits and hospitals. I am in no immediate pain however I know I need invisaline braces asap. This is not just because of the way my teeth look. It is because I feel some cavities and a few problem teeth I developed are due to my teeth being the way they are.

E. C., Whitesburg, Georgia

A.: Dear E. C., Yes, you can reduce the price of your invisaline braces. Since you are in a hurry I would recommend to sign up with one of the reduced-fee-for-services dental plans. You will be able to go see a dentist or orthodontist as soon as you receive the package with the cards. And you will be able to use the card immediately with no deductibles. Being in the relative vicinity of the Atlanta, Georgia, area, you will have no problem finding a suitable dentist or orthodontist that will be able to equip you with your invisaline braces. Most reduced-fee-for-services dental plans that you will have an opportunity to choose from will also include significant discounts, as much as 50-60% on teeth whitenings and of course regular checkups and cleanings. Enjoy your savings!

--Dental Cool


Reduced-fee-for-service plans that will go into effect immediately