Friday, December 11

Invisalign Insurance or Invisalign Dental Plan

Q.: I need a supplemental dental plan. I currently have United Concordia. That plan covers just about anything but it doesn't cover invisalign braces for me. So I am looking for invisalign insurance.

I have got a quote already. The invisalign braces will cost me $5,000 without coverage. I need no other services but would like my invisalign braces started by the end of December this year.

M. S., Newport News, Virginia

A.: M. S., You sound determined that you want your invisalign braces and invisalign insurance right away. So you want a plan with no waiting periods, and no exclusions like United Concordia. At least no exclusions for invisalign braces. Normally most dental plans carry a waiting period for braces or invisaligns. If you purchase them on an individual basis, outside a larger group, the waiting periods are typically one to two years. You can avoid waiting periods like that by purchasing a supplemental discount dental plan.

With a plan like that you will receive immediate savings on orthodontics, and there will be no limits on services providing you visit a participating provider/orthodontist or general dentist that does braces or invisaligns. The choice is up to you, depending on how long you want to wait before you get started straightening your teeth and getting your perfect smile back!

--Dental Cool


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