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Insurance Plan for Seniors, Dental Insurance Comparison

Q.:I need an insurance policy for dentures. I need a plan that does not exclude seniors. I need dental insurance for seniors that will cover my extractions and dentures.

I have osteoporosis. I had a triple bypass surgery. I am on 19 medicines now. This has been taking toll on my teeth. 13 of them must now come out. I do have United Concordia dental plan now but that plan does not cover crowns, it does not cover dentures, and I even have to wait until the next year to get more extractions done. My annual maximum is $1,000! My husband is not happy with the plan either. He has all his teeth still. He had to pay $110 out of his own pocket last time he visited the dentist. The quote I got for extractions and dentures I need was $6,000! And I have inquired with other places such as Affordable Dentures, where I would only pay $450. However I am questioning the quality of the dentures for such a low price. I have an appointment with yet another dentist on Thursday to see what my third opinion and quote will be. I want the plan for later too, my husband will want to continue to see a dentist on a regular basis. Even me with the dentures, I will want to be sure just in case I lose a tooth that I will have coverage ready.

N. L., Schluyhillhaven, GA

A.: N. L., First off, you are doing the right thing, checking out several dentist's offices and comparing the quality of work and the prices. A lot of insurances in the USA today are like that, not keeping up with the true costs. The insurances have ridiculously low annual maximums (same as 40 years ago) that do not come even close to covering dental costs of today. The dental costs as you may know have even surpassed inflation by a significant margin. Annual maximums simply never kept pace.

What I can suggest is to continue to look for the best quality at the lowest price. This time, however, visit a dentist that participates with one of the discount dental plans. That way you will get at least 20% savings, possibly as much as 65% on your needed extractions and dentures. And, you will not need to wait another year to get your dentures. There are no annual maximums unlike with the plan you have now, no limitations of any kind, just straight discounts. So you won't have to worry about the cost so much anymore.

Just focus on the quality and make sure you like the dentist and you feel confident they will do a great job. So you will get dentures that will serve you well for a good number of years to come.

--Dental Cool


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