Tuesday, October 20

Urgently Seeking Oral Surgery Insurance: Case Manager in a Large Hospital Needing Oral Surgery Plan for a Patient

Q: I'm a case manager in a large California health center. I'm looking for a dental insurance plan that includes oral surgery insurance for a patient. He is a senior citizen on medicare and medicaid. I've been searching for three months now for an affordable oral surgeon for him. Medicare and Medicaid are of no help. My patient is in pain, has problems with his gums and would need immediate help and surgery by oral surgeon.

J. S., Modesto, CA

It never ceases to astound me how little sometimes Medicare ad Medicaid can help people in real need. I often get calls by people who have state sponsored insurance but are having no luck finding an appropriate dental provider that accepts Medicare or Medicaid. I suppose the government bureaucracy and paperwork requirements combined with inadequate payment schedules are driving dentists away from accepting Medicare and Medicaid.

J. S., please keep in mind that, in California, there will be no dental coverage by Denti-cal ( dental Medicaid) for any adults age 21 or over except in special circumstances. This will go into effect on July 1, 2009.

To improve your patient's condition, the best solution would be to purchase an additional private coverage for your patient. I would suggest one of the dental savings plans. Your patient will be able to save anywhere from 20-80% on the cost of treatment of gums and for oral surgeries. Most of the plans include all specialists including oral surgeons in their preferred provider lists. These savings will start instantly, at the latest in a few days, so your patient can finally see the oral surgeon and get out of pain.

--Dental Cool

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