Friday, October 9

Dental Braces: Braces Behind Teeth

Many adults who require dental braces are quite self-conscious about wearing braces. There is a notion out there that braces are for children and teenagers only. The fact of the matter is that 25% of all braces wearers in the USA are adults. Despite this fact, the embarrassment persists.

Braces behind teeth, also known as lingual braces, have been invented in the 70's by late Dr. Craven Kurz in Beverly Hills. They are practically invisible. Not all orthodontists will offer lingual braces as they are slightly less comfortable for the patient and the dentist during visits. The treatment time with lingual braces is comparable to that of the regular metal braces. Most patients are suitable candidates for braces behind the teeth. Please consult with your orthodontics specialist if braces like that are suitable for you. If yes, make sure you get detailed directions on wearing them, especially during the first few days and weeks.

You will have to pay extra for the lingual braces, braces behind teeth, for the privilege of having almost invisible braces. Because of the added cost it always makes sense to seek a good dental plan that includes orthodontics. That could reduce your out-of-pocket cost by as little as 25% and as much as 65%.

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